GUEST RANT – A Pleasant Surprise: Halo 4 Infinity


I have long enjoyed the Halo franchise’s intriguing universe, immersing storyline, and unmatched multiplayer experience. 

The original Halo has been paramount to all others for the immense tale it undertook.  Beginning with the “Star Wars”-esque chase from the Covenant to the discovery of a planetary installation and finally to the introduction of the Flood.  The layers of history and back story created a truly unique world to inhabit.  While Halo has always been about the multiplayer, I have personally always paid more heed to the single player story.

When Halo 2 came out I was ecstatic to see what new treats the Halo Universe had in store for me, but I was more or less let down by the sequel.  We were introduced to the Elites and given an understanding of the Covenant as a religious group, although other than that it was more of the same.  There were new maps featuring locations on earth, and of course there was the ability to duel-wield weapons.  Extremely exciting, but it didn’t push the story anywhere for a marquee selling point.


Halo 3 continued offering more of the same as Halo 2, but mundanely never introduced anything new to the universe.

After that we saw some reboots starting with ODST that took a refreshing break from Master Chief to show off the moves of non-Spartans in the New Mombasa invasion featured in Halo 2.  This choice along with wonderful voice acting from a few cast members of Firefly (the greatest TV show ever) aroused a new vigor in the series.  Then Halo Reach offered a similar experience as the game centered in events alluded to in previous games.  With no fear of losing respect for Master Chief, Halo Reach was a hit.

Initially I was worried about Halo 4.  Halo 2 and 3 were basically a wash when it came to the single player, but I was admittedly excited due to the reinvigoration provided by Reach and ODST.

I was not disappointed.  We found a new planet (thank god I didn’t have to spend time aimlessly blowing up another ring), met new bad guys, and received insight into the Universe’s rich history.  I felt fulfilled for the first time since Master Chief escaped from the Pillar of Autumn, but little did I know the excitement that lay ahead of me.

As I began to play a few rounds of team slayer I found Halo: Infinty.  A single player/co-op storyline that assists you in unlocking multiplayer prizes as well as gives you experience in the multiplayer map layouts: a revolutionary idea!  The game play is a simple seek and destroy all targets, but it works well as a training ground.

While it doesn’t hold the same excitement of wondering what’s around the next corner, it does cater to science fiction nerds like myself by delivering beautiful cut scenes that further engrave this world into my heart.




Author: Wu

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