GOTY 2011 – Character of Most Dubious Gender – Ghirahim (Zelda: Skyward Sword)

Does “he” want you to lead or…?

Oh Legend of Zelda, how do you always produce winners here?  Is it something about Link setting the baseline standard for androgyny each time, taunting his foes, spurring them to somehow top his flowing blonde locks? I would point out that Ghirahim is constantly taunting Link, questioning his ability with a sword.  Ahem.  Again, let’s remember, Link isn’t the most masculine hero out there to feel threatened by.

Author: Wu

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  1. I always found Ghirahim to be gay. I mean, he seems more interested in Link than anyone else. The way he almost licked him during that one cut scene should tell you something…

    Mike Reyes Blog

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