GOTY 2011 – Best Taunt – TIE! Wesker (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3) & Crank Dat Dance (Saints Row The Third)

Who’s bad?

Too close to call – ultimately impossible to compare because they’re so very different.  Wesker is probably the only character I take seriously within the goofy confines of Marvel vs. Capcom, in large part because of his super pro sunglasses.  Really any taunt from MvC3 could have won considering how risky an affair they are in such a fast paced game.  Wesker edges them all out with sunglass prowess.

God bless any game where one can perform the Crank Dat dance at will.  The fact that you can do so in your gold-skinned birthday suit on top of a cop car after shooting 1000 people is really just icing on the cake.  Saints Row was practically built around its spectacular selection of taunts, but this is the best.

Author: Wu


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