GOTY 2011 – Best Game of 2006 – Resistance 3

Don’t be so sure that this title didn’t actually come out five years ago.  Play it.  Do you not shoot aliens with guns that are futuristic bytechnical designation only?  Do you not see the same lackluster imagination hard at work?  The ambitious goal of 1080 HD? Characters flattened by the enormous weight of bloated levels?  Yup, it all checks out.

A more precise theory: this was the chosen franchise Sony sent back in time to assassinate the XBOX360, the RestisT1000.  After so much folding Sony’s monstrosity became sentient and schemed to eliminate its rival while it was still weak.  Luckily, Microsoft sent back its own inert franchise to hold off the slayer: Gears of War 3, itself a strong contender for this category.

Author: Wu

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