For the Swarm – Issue 1: An Introduction

The Flashy Review is proud to present a brand new feature on the site: For the Swarm, a lower league Zerg player’s attempt to understand the various strategies of the game and fight his way up the ladder.
There are a lot of similar features out there written by pros or those heavily invested in the game, but I am neither.  Instead, I am a casual silver leaguer interested in examining if casual play and practice can give one enough experience to hold their own.  Can I gradually move up through the ladders and leagues?  Will I plummet to the bottom of the bronze, crashing and burning my way through game after game?  Let’s find out.

First, a little background.  I’ve had Starcraft 2 since launch and only competed in the first season sparingly because my processor could hardly keep up with the game.  Playing in that state did little more than frustrate me.  I’ve had an upgraded rig for a while now and jumped back in during the fifth season, hungry to catch up with the evolution of the game.  I finished the season second place in my Bronze division and was promoted to Silver for season six.  I’m currently hovering anywhere between 35th and 25th place, struggling to sharpen my game and advance.

I have noticed a definite change in the competition between the Bronze and Silver leagues.  In the Bronze league, I had a lot of success with a 7 roach rush against almost everything.  Typically, I could end the game in around seven minutes, or shortly thereafter with another push.  Often times I would go undefeated for ten or more games, which is why I found it so easy to stick at the top of my division.  My points were constantly climbing.

In the silver league I started running into trouble with this build.  My opponents were often clever enough to scout and recognize exactly what I was trying, and were there to stop my first push.  I was forced to re-evaluate my opening and begin practicing a safer build.

I’ll discuss openings in depth in my next installment, so for now I’ll end with an inquiry.  Does each league see such a drastic jump in skill level as I’ve experienced from Bronze to Silver?  Bronze would, in theory, be a catchall for everyone at the bottom – from those who are almost ready for SIlver, all the way down to the woefully inexperienced who raise a walking army of spine crawlers then confidently march on a Protoss armada.  The leagues above bronze, I would have to imagine, are a little stronger defined in terms of their player-base.  Of course, if the jump from Silver to Gold is just as drastic, I could be in some trouble when the time comes.

Tune in next time when we investigate opening builds.  What openings have I experimented with as Zerg? which openings do I have the most trouble scouting and countering?  We’ll discuss it all, For the Swarm.

Author: Captain Squally

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