Flashiest Diablo II Builds: Holy Shock Paladin

The Holy Shock Paladin rains down the holy wrath of god in PvE, and though it has a tendency to severely drop off against uber resistant monsters in Hell, the Holy Shock Paladin is the ultimate King of Normal and Nightmare difficulties.

The Holy Shock Paladin’s main source of Flash and Flare is his namesake, the Holy Shock aura. Not only does this aura add lightning damage to his attack, it discharges periodic bursts of lightning that damage anything within a certain range. Before long, that range extends well beyond the edge of your screen, and a lot of the time in earlier difficulties the Holy Shock Paladin simply wanders around each act, quizzical and confused, wondering where all of these dead demons came from.

Any monster that manages to pierce your static veil has to contend with the second beauty of this build, the ever useful Zeal. In conjunction with the lightning damage from Holy Shock, the Paladin is capable of unleashing enough electricity to power a time traveling DeLorean.

Finally, the Holy Shock Paladin will want to max out Holy Shield to add to his survivability, especially if you plan on taking him into the later difficulties.

As far as viability goes, The Holy Shock Paladin is one of the most offense-oriented builds out there. We don’t really touch any defensive auras, so all of your survivability will have to come from Vitality and gear. Any slow, hard hitting one-hander will be your ideal weapon because, with the rapid zeal strikes, you’ll be shaking that baby like a maraca regardless of attack speed.

If you want the armies of hell to melt around you as you skip and jaunt through every dungeon, or a build that is completely viable to play blindfolded, the Holy Shock Paladin is for you. If you like to play games without actually having to play them, the Holy Shock Paladin is for you. Finally, if you want to pick the best build and class to name after Samuel L. Jackson’s “Zeus” from Die Hard with a Vengeance, then Holy Shock Paladin is for you.


Author: Captain Squally

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