Flashiest Diablo II Builds: PVP SuiSorc

Ormus’ Robes sold separately.

This class is built on intentionally dying close to your target, triggering a series of death procs that will finish off your enemy. Although you should still be trying to deal damage yourself, you should be focused on staying as close as possible to your enemy so they eat the maximum amount of damage. What is the source of this post-mortem damage you ask? Rainbow Facets, gems that can be socketed into any piece that will allow them to fire moderately leveled spells capable of bringing your (low level) opponent into the dirt. There’s one for Meteor, Blizzard, Chain Lightning, and Poison Nova, but they’re all similar to this in design:

Some of those numbers change a bit, but you’re always looking at 100% chance to fire off your spell

Die, and all of these facets trigger and kill your enemy, simple as that. You’ve noticed that 3 out of 4 of these require you to be in close proximity to be effective, that’s the catch. Your strategy will revolve around teleporting close to your target and hitting them with everything you’ve got while you patiently wait to die. Sorceress is best for this since you can add in the Masteries to up your damage a bit, you don’t have to wear Enigma for the teleport, you’ll inherently have no health even at high levels, and nobody takes a Sorceress at close range seriously. They’ll probably think you’re crazy actually.

The rest of this build is 90% determined by gear, which is thankfully not too demanding:

Helm: Anything 3 socketed and good – this is where you’ll be dropping your different Rainbow Facets; I prefer a socketed Harlequin Crest because it looks ghetto.

Weapon: ‘Infinity’ Weapon – you’ll actually want this in your II slot to switch to right before you go down

Armor: ‘Bramble’ Armor – taken for the thorns aura, every little chip of damage helps

Gloves: Anything that pumps your resistances and increases cast speed – Magefist is a great substitute though

Boots: Anything that pumps your resistances and increases your run/walk speed – you need to stay close and not die from a ranged spell, there are plenty of serviceable boots for this

Amulet: Anything that helps towards your goal of capping resistances – Saracen’s Chance gives you a chance to drop Iron Maiden, a nice little perk

Rings: SOJ’s; bling bling.

Last but not least, you must be hardcore to rock this build.Otherwise you’re not a real Hamas member. Go back to summer camp.

Author: Vos

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