Flashiest Diablo II Builds: No Summoning Necromancer

That’s correct: a Necro that doesn’t take any burdensome summons that will inevitably slow what is otherwise an unholy death machine. Not even a “body guard” golem, zombie Kevin Costner need not apply.


Bone shields SHOULD have been class exclusives for Necro’s.

What a first glance resembles an obvious push over that would struggle through the Den of Evil is actually a formidable PVM threat that will do just fine deep into Nightmare difficulty. No, this build won’t win any PVP awards, thanks in large part to its AOE focus and reliance on corpses. That’s fine: the No-Summon Necro is too busy putting MeteOrb Sorcs to shame. Throwing down Lower Resist or Amplify Damage or Decrepify, focus firing a monster with Bone Spear, then finishing ‘em all off with Corpse Explosion is devastating. He’s also well positioned for Nightmare and Hell games thanks to excellent damage diversity, split nicely between magic, fire, and physical. The inherent damage versatility contained within just a few skills translates into an exceptionally economical distribution of points, minimizing wasted skills and keeping you well ahead of the curve post level 18. Gear options are pretty flexible too: since avoiding damage is pretty easy, you don’t have to blow everything in Vitality, letting you drop another 20-30 points into STR or DEX and don Archon Plates etc.

Effective? Unquestionably. Dominating? In most circumstances. Flashy? God yes, as flashy as Diablo 2 will allow. Literally. I’ve come very close to crashing entire servers when I’m running at 80 Corpse Explosions per minute and spraying 20+ Teeth at a time. My last performance in the Durance of Hate outright vaporized one of the BNet servers and punted anyone playing WoW within a 10 mile radius of me. Blizzard is actually forced to continually update the minimum system requirements for matches with Tron, my no summon Necro. Michael Bay blushes at his daily frap postings. Allies were rendered superfluous long ago. Uber Diablo is his morning warm up, keeps him limber.

Flashy, any way you cut it. Let haters gawk when they see you rolling around yourself with no gimps in tow. They’ll be rolling one soon. 

Guaranteed this guy listens to the heaviest shit.




Author: Wu

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