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What is the difference between news and opinion?  Brass tacks journalism and informed editorials?  Video game facts, spec summaries, and exclusive previews versus theoretical musings, extensive features, and judgment calls on the industry as a whole.

We focus on the latter, not the former.  Flashy Review is editorialized, features based content.  We do not gather news; we do start conversations about video games. We do not run down lists of happenings; we do connect the dots behind industry events.

Founded the day before walking into E3 2011, we analyzed every minutia of the Wii U’s first appearance, the beginnings of the Kinect, and more.  Since then we’ve been fleshing out every new industry development and AAA release that reaches our doorstep.  We’re committed to our readers and look forward to continuing the conversation on video games!


The Senators

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