2012 – Game of the Year


Does every year deserve a single game getting the nod?  Not necessarily.  Did this game deserve special mention?  Absolutely.

Not the best year for flashy games – there is really only one out there that was able to rise above all others.  As such there are no honorable mentions or any of that nonsense.

TFR’s Game of the Year follows our precedent and proclivities.  Our previous accolades walk a very tight rope conceptually with our current go to.  In case you didn’t guess…


YOTG 2012 - ZombiU Wins


Let’s get this out of the way: it’s a terrible title.  Perhaps even worse, it’s a launch game for a system that has garnered immense criticism.  In the face of these impediments, it’s all the more amazing that this game turned out so well.

Perhaps more interesting, ZombiU has claimed a polarized review score, based on largely different experiences with the game.  With a Metacritic score of 76%, Ubisoft was explicitly peeved with some of the reviews:

We were really disappointed with early US reviews…we are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the experience we created but we did not expect so harsh a feedback.

Most of the major review outlets panned the game – EGMGamespot, Edge, IGN, Inside Gaming, and Game Informer all failed to acknowledge more than 70% of worth here.  Gamespot in particular had a rousing tirade going, producing such nuggets as this:

Combat is how you spend most of your time in ZombiU…Attempting to charge past the horde can lead to receiving some painful glancing hits or getting surrounded by the undead. The best course of action is to play it safe and dispatch all the zombies you encounter.

This means luring enemies away one by one and clobbering them with the cricket bat. This melee method can take a long time, since the number of hits needed to fell a foe changes randomly. You just stand there, hitting and waiting.

I’m glad I didn’t play that game.

I’m glad I didn’t play that game.

Trying to debunk other reviews is absolutely pointless, so I’ll pass there. Keep in mind the staples of survival horror as you read these other reviews though – the discrepancy is very telling.

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  1. This got shiiiiit on. A slow game for launch on the WiiU is eeek

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